Originally from San Francisco, Jo Hoffberg is a veteran of the social and competitive Lindy Hop scene around the world. She currently teaches regular classes in Pittsburgh and has taught around all around the world, including in Australia, Argentina, Austria, England, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, and Ukraine.

Jo is a notorious movie quoter and inundates her friends and students with her sassy attitude and one liners from Anchorman, Blades of Glory, Wedding Crashers, and How I Met Your Mother. When Jo grows up, she wants to be a secret agent and have language skills, kung-fu skills, shorthand skills, and the power to read minds. When she is not reading through her RSS updates, she plots to take over the world! After that accomplishment she’s not entirely sure what she’ll do. Long walks on the beach and cold weather aren’t for her, but she does enjoy wearing boots and drinking cups of hot water.

If you’d like to contact her about dance, movie quotes from recent comedies, or how to become a secret agent, you can do so at jo@johoffberg.com.

If you would like to buy instructional DVDs, please go to www.ilindy.com