Packing for a Three Week Adventure

What an exciting journey Kevin and I have ahead of ourselves! Tomorrow we leave for Gotenborg, Sweden and we’ll be there for a week. After that, we will head to Kiev, Ukraine and be there for Swinglandia and then we are off to Italy for a week. I can’t wait!!

Earlier today Kev and I tried on a number of outfits so that we could pretend that we were “well-dressed” individuals. I think we found some good stuff, but only time (and pictures) will tell. Oooh, and we recently went shopping at H&M out in Pittsburgh (I didn’t know they had one!!!!!!) and found some amazing stuff!!! I got to play dress up with Kevo and he looks great in his new duds. If I get some pictures of us in the new threads I’ll post them.

Lots of packing to do! There are so many outfits and dance shoes and computer stuff to bring!! And tools! Some of the Swedes asked us to buy some tools they are unable to buy in Sweden and bring them over for them. My luggage is going to way a ton, I am sure of it.

Checklist of things I NEED to remember:

Cell phone + charger        computer + charger
Passport + euros
iPod + external hard drive
tissue/toilet paper

I think that’s about it. I am sure I’ll forget something.

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