Highlights of ILHC

This was the most well run event I have ever attended. The people at the registration desk were very quick, efficient, and nice, as well at the people over seeing the competition side of things (thank you Tony and Aurelie). When there was an issue, things were resolved there on the spot, instead of having to deal with more people than necessary. There was no bullshit. It was lovely.

Competitions ran on time. I think there was one competition we ran a tad behind on, but only by 10 minutes or so. It was amazing – I’ve never seen lindy hoppers be so punctual! The dance floor was great, the hotel rooms were nice, and there was lots of food within a 3 minute walk from the hotel. Fucking sweet. And let’s not forget the music: it was great all weekend long and the sound was nice and full. I applaud everyone who made that event as wonderful as it was.

Ok, now to the juicy stuff, and in no particular order:

The Junior Division
I cried. I totally cried. The first couple came out and I lost it when Derrick did the first move. While watching Derrick and Sioban, it finally struck me why children are truly such little treasures: they mean the future. There is a possibility that if a child learns something, then that “something” has a chance to be past down. Derrick and Sioban mean there is a future for lindy hop. I think everyone shed a tear while they were dancing; I don’t know if it was for the same reasons, but nonetheless, we were all moved by them. Here they are:

The Solo Charleston Division

One name, two words: Marty Klempner.
One color, and a five piece outfit: a red zoot suit.
One dance, twelve dancers: the Big Apple.
Now watch:

One word: Truckin’.

I have to give props to Max and Annie as well. I give them “The Best Use of Props in a Showcase” award, hands down. Dax threw Max a hat in the middle of the routine, then Annie does the Flying Lotus and takes the hat from Max, whereby placing it on her head, and then Max steals it back. All done in one shot. They didn’t even need a back-up plan! Check it out:

Finally, I must give mad props to Stefan and Bethany. They are such an inspiration and they thrown down. They never compromise their style, and the just DANCE. They are my movement heros (and will appropriately be at Inspiration Weekend this Labor Day): Just watch them:

Otherwise, I am super proud of me and Kev doing two brand new routines in about 2 weeks. We’ve never done that before, so it’s a first for us. At some point we are hoping to see our showcase, so if you see it first, send me a link to it! Oh yeah, and I took 2nd in the Charleston contest and I have been out of the solo dancing loop for some time now. I give myself 2 pats on the back.

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