Embarrassing Moment

Tonight my family and I went out to one of the all-time great sushi restaurants called Umi Sake House in Belltown and we embarrassed ourselves.

We were seated immediately and within 3 minutes of being there, we had our hot tea and our miso soup. The service was incredible. We ordered Yuki Kage (sake), Legends of the Roll (OMG, amazing – sweet and crunchy), Thunderball, Tarantula Extreme (which had jalapeño peppers and spicy mayonnaise), and a plate of sashimi. About 5 minutes after we ordered the three rolls came out. Not five minutes later did Lawrence, our server, come to deliver the plate of sashimi and all but 4 pieces of the three rolls were left standing. We had destroyed them. After Lawrence said that we had dominated the sushi, I told him that I was embarrassed by how quickly we all ate.

About 10 minutes later he came back to check on us and luckily we still had some sashimi left. I told him “I am sure you are going to talk to your co-workers about how this family came in and within five minutes of getting 3 plates of food, all of it was gone! But….try not to make it sound like it was, ok?” He laughed and confirmed that he was indeed going to tell his co-workers.

To top off being such piggies, we ordered dessert. Not one, but two. We had a mochi taster (4 different kinds of mochi – they are the size of a silver dollar) and deep fried ice cream. However, this time, we managed not to throw the food down our throats and we savored the flavors. We ate slowly. We ate delicately. We enjoyed the moment. It was very satisfying.

How embarrassing. I bet that guy had never had a table eat so quickly. If tables turned around like that, there’d never be a wait at dinner time.

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