So yesterday I got to sleep in until noon, then I did some email, and got ready for Lia to come over. Lia is one of the Sugar Blue Burlesque girls and she is a professional costumer, and I got her to make a skirt for me. It’s lovely. I’ll see if I can get a picture of it and post it. She came over to drop off the skirt and took all my measurements in case I needed anything else made. Kev and I then headed for the airport in the rented Yaris he and Sharon got. Cute car….rather zippy.

We get to the airport, checking in, and then have to wait in a long line to drop our bags off. We walked through security and no one asked me to take my liquids out and no one checked my boarding pass. I asked about this, and the security lady said that “[the Australians] still have faith in their people.” I was amused by that. The US doesn’t have faith in people flying AND the system we have isn’t all that efficient. Kev got some food, I got some water and a magazine (I know, I know….I think this is the first magazine in 2 years that I’ve bought at an airport) and then we headed to our gate. We were at gate 6 but they had an area designated to gate 4-8. Two flights boarded at once and then we waited outside in the heat until we could be escorted to our plane. All 150 of us.

The flight was packed; every seat was taken. I read my magazine until I dinner came, and was rather impressed. They were handing out wine at a furious pace and I think everyone other than me had one, and quite a few people had their second and third bottle. I didn’t eat my cheese and crackers so I gave them to the guy sitting next to me and he was very grateful.

Once we landed, we walked across the tarmac and immediately met our host Russel. He’s a tall man with a great beard and a really nice guy. We grabbed our luggage (yup, we both checked) and went back to his town home and there we met his wife Miranda who is just lovely. She had made us a plate of food – pears and apple slices, grapes, cheese, mini sandwiches, and marshmallows. Not only that, but she had 2 meat pies in the oven for us. We gossiped a little bit and geeked out on lindy history. Very fun.

What a killer set up this is. Kev and I both have our own rooms upstairs and there is a very large hardwood floor area that is perfect for dancing. It’d be even better if there was no furniture here, but they actually live here, so the couches and dinner table are rather appropriate. 😀

We all headed up to bed and I didn’t fall asleep until about 6am. I was in bed starting at 1am, but I couldn’t fall asleep. It didn’t help that there was a 2 hour time change AND that I napped on the plane….. oh well.

I got up this morning at around 2pm. I woke up a few times before but was too tired to move. I got up, had some water and then went for a walk. It was a lovely day out and my walk was just what I needed to get my body to wake up as well. After I got home, I stretched, showered, and made myself some eggs. Kev watched some “Captain Horatio Hornblower” which is a tv series set in the 1700’s and there is sailing involved. Very Kevin. 😀 After I finished eating, I went through the epic movie dance collection Russel and Miranda have. This is by far the best dance collection. Ever. Any movie that has dancing of any sort in it is here, as well as every dance instructional video on lindy hop since the beginning of lindy hop instructional tapes! I have found lots of things to watch!!

And that takes me up to now. Miranda and Russel are home and they are getting ready to cook dinner.

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  1. Willy Halaliky says:

    Hi there! I spotted your blog on google. I’m just in the process of starting a blog and wondered how you found the WordPress to install.Anyway, great blog and ill def be visiting again! bye

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