Most Expensive Mistake to date

So here is a fatty-fatty, expensive mistake of mine.

Months ago I bought my plane ticket into Europe and then back out. I am flying into London-Gatwick and then leaving from Gotenborg, Sweden. Well, after buying my ticket, I was asked by an organizer if I could change it so that I could fly into Madrid instead, since that was where my flight to the Canary Island is going out from. Hmm…..that would have been good info to have before I bought my ticket (there was some miscommunication….I will totally take some credit for this). Because it was going to cost $200 to change I opted to not change this and to get a one-way ticket within Europe instead. Ok, so not off to a terribly good start, but I am earning lots of miles (the only silver lining I can find).

So fast forward. Gotenborg recently got canceled, which means that my return ticket isn’t much good to me. No problem, I’ll change my ticket online. Oh no. Wait. I can’t do that. I have to call Orbitz (or Cheaptickets, or whatever) to do that for some unstated reason on their website. Cool. No problem. I’ll call on Skype. Oh, that’s right; I can’t get credit onto my account either through a bank transfer, pay pal transfer, and Wells Fargo won’t verify my credit card. Wow….. it’s not looking too good.

As of right now, I have a $940 (now) one-way ticket into the wrong city, which isn’t even first class, and I’ll need to buy a $650 return ticket separately so I can get home. Why must I do this, you ask? Oh, well, because I managed to buy a ticket where I cannot change the departure city. I could change the date, but the fare difference, plus the change fee would be about $1100. Hmm…. looks like buying that one-way isn’t looking too shabby!

Ok, just sharing the joys of traveling.

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