Being Home

I love being home. It is one of the greatest feelings in the worlds, and I’ve obviously spent too much time under rating it, otherwise I’d surely have been here more.

I love driving the truck. The Trooper, albeit boxy and rusted, is exactly as it’s name states: a trooper! I didn’t know whether or not it was going to start yesterday, but it started right up like a champ after not having been driven in months. I’ve enjoyed driving around an area that I am very familiar with, doing things I used to do, and seeing sights that are familiar. I enjoy getting to come back to a place that I call mine. Even though my room is a wreckage, it’s my wreckage. My clothes are strewn from hither and yonder and there are boxes piling up in every corner imaginable, yet, this glorious mess, which truthfully makes me very uncomfortable, is mine and no one will touch it because no one will be in my room until I get back. I revel in this idea.

The weather in Pitty has been lovely. It was cold last night, but tonight it’s about 60-65 and it’s awesome. And the weather during the day has been bright and sunny, probably up in the mid 70s. Wow….Pittsburgh is kinda awesome. And I missed it.

I’ve done a ton of shopping, which is a huge mistake, mostly because I don’t have enough space for my new purchases. Almost all of the pieces are coming with me to Europe, however, there isn’t a lot of space left in my room. I’ve already gone through my clothes and made a large pile of things to give away, but there is still so much there. Yikes. I can now admit that I love having a closet – full of clothes – that are mine – that I have hangers for – and drawers. Oooooh, how I love being home!!

I feel….normal. Being here at Hoodstock makes me feel normal. Walking around the mall and smelling Abercrombie gives me the sense of being normal and every day. I guess, then, that how I tend live my life doesn’t feel make me feel normal. I feel extraordinary.

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