OMG, after working my booty off the past six weeks I was in dire need of a vacation. Thank goodness I planned one for myself months ago!!! Two weeks of vacation….how luxurious!

Friends and family; that’s how I roll. Over the past 2 weeks I was in Minneapolis, Berkeley, and Stinson Beach. How wonderful!

I haven’t seen Jason, Trish, or Alan for longer than I can remember, so our time together was far over due. While there I got to work out (ever so slightly), watch tv (I don’t have access to one normally, except at hotels) and learn about Top Gear (brilliant!!!), eat some great BBQ, and howl at the moon with my buddies. Ooh, and I must not forget that I got to borrow the entire Twilight series and finished them in a week.

The following weekend I headed to the Bay Area and spent some time with some family. The weather was great, it air smelled fantastic, the organic food was plentiful, and family was lovely as always. It was my aunt’s birthday and so we celebrated it at Stinson Beach. Many of her friends drove the hour out to the beach and brought delectable treats with them. There was too much eating, but boy was it yummy!

After a long stretch of hard work, there was no better reward than seeing the people I love.

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