Time and Eternity

Gahhhhhhhhhh! We all thought the Herrang pick-up was at 9am and it’s actually 11am. Ug. Guh.

So now that I am up…. again (bemused and dismayed), here’s is what’s keeping me busy:

Wired Magazine – 10 Gadgets We’d like to get rid of

Wired Magazine –100 Things your kids may not know about Reading through this list is very interesting. Some things I don’t quite know about, and some things I’ve already seen go out of use. See what you think? Is there anything you’d add?

Time Magazine – Legalizing Marijuana in CA I think they should legalize marijuana. It is expensive to the tax payers to keep people in jail so having people in for something as small as possession or for smoking is silly. If cigarettes and other tobacco products are legals the pot should be too. Perhaps driving under the influence restrictions can be placed on smoking pot….

Time Magazine – Cigarettes in Africa – I like the idea that only about 20% of American’s smoke, but it’s scary to think how many countries are lighting up and how young some of the kids are.

All the while I am reading, Flight of the Conchords are playing in the background. Here’s a visual preview of them being glorious:

Hmm…..is this what I would do with eternity? Assuming I had internet access while living out eternity, is this a preview of what I’d do? What would you do with eternity and an internet connection?

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