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Why you should dress up every day
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A few weeks ago at Lindy on the Rocks a fellow dancer made me think about the things we wear every day and why we wear them. So I was asked “why are YOU so dressed up?” and felt two things: a little embarrassed that it was pointed out and freaking proud as hell that I stepped up my game enough that someone noticed! I have not been known in the lindy scene for how I dressed, but after meeting a lady by the name of Sharon Davis, I finally was motivated to pick up my game. One can only spend so much time in the company of someone who dresses really well before you notice how unstylish you yourself are. 😀 And for the record, wearing something cute should never feel like a “strange” thing to do!

The long of the short of it, that comment got me thinking about dressing up and what that means. I like dressing up, but I don’t like the time it takes me. But just like anything, the more often you do it, the easier it gets. 🙂 Q: And really, why should “dressing up” be reserved for special occasions only? How about just because you’re done with work, or because it’s Tuesday, or because you needed something to wear with a fab pair of shoes? Ooh, or how about because you spend your life in sweaty rehearsal clothes and you’re over it! 😀

I was immediately inspired to create this list. More and more I am starting to believe in “dressing up” regularly (for no occasion at all) and I think you should too!

So why dress up? Here are 25 good reasons.

* Because life’s too short.

* Because we’re only young once. You’re more lovely than you know & have a rockin’ body and one day you’ll look back at yourself and wish you had! Don’t miss your chance!

* Fashion is a way to express yourself. What does your gear say about you? That you were rehearsing? That you’re into vintage?

* You might run into a totally hottie. You don’t want to look like a scrub, do you?

* Other people notice that you’ve got your “game clothes” on. Maybe they dig what you’re doing, maybe they don’t, but your effort is recognized.

* You might end up on a website (Swingfashionista anyone?)

* You deserve to look good!

* Perfect practice makes perfect, so if you want to look good, you have to practice putting outfits together until it’s a piece of cake. No need to throw the towel in.

* Gorgeous clothes and unique accessories are an awesome conversation starter.

* Saturday nights at a dance event aren’t the only time to celebrate.

* Because that fabulous party dress in your closet cost too much to only be worn once. Check out this blog about cost per wear. Quick synopsis: expensive jeans worn 3x a week for a year are a better deal than a $25 dress on worn once.

* It’s fun!!!

* Even if you live in a place like Pittsburgh and you live in a sketchy neighborhood to boot (cough, cough), cities don’t become stylish without someone taking the first step. Someone had to start wearing clothes from the 80’s again to make the chic!

* Dressing up helps you make fashion mistakes and get past them. Perhaps others can learn from your mistake. From me to you: check to see if your underwear stays in place by moving around a bunch. You’d hate to find out they gave you a massive wedgie at the US Open.

* It can build your confidence. Dressing unconventionally forces you to develop the self-assurance necessary to stand out from everyone else.

* Fashion is art. Don’t believe me? Check out this dress.

* If you’ve got it (vintage style, confidence, killer legs), flaunt it.

* If/when you have a 8-5 corporate job, you probably won’t have the freedom to wear whatever. If you’re not required to be in uniform, get crazy with it!

* Awesome clothes aren’t reserved for the rich and famous. That’s why there are knock-off and affordable stores!

* According to the Mayans the world will end on 12/21/2012 – that’s only 3 years and 102 days from now! Y2K was quite the let down, surely this will be too, but why not be on the safe side? Spend the next 3 years looking good!!

* Carrie Bradshaw and Derrick Zoolander would not approve of your cheap jeans and UGG boots. You can do better than that. And deep down, you know I’m right.

* Doing your hair (ponytails and basic braids don’t count) can give you a pass on the rest of your look.

* Nothing beats self confidence. When you look good, you feel good. It’s hard to feel crappy when you look at yourself and you LOVE what you see.

* It’s fun to have people ask you where you where you got your stuff.

* You want to. That’s the only reason that matters.

One thought on “Dressing Up

  1. Sensizlik says:

    I love the concept of your blog and book. It appreas that the majority of the women you took photos of, who all are well dressed and groomed, is because they all have MONEY. If you have MONEY, you can afford to still dress fashionably, hair, nails, and face all look great. However, these women are not the “normal” in this age group.

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