Fashion predicting the economy?

For all those who laughed and criticized “Devil wears Prada” and “Legally Blonde” here’s a piece of news: fashionistas already predicted the crashing of the world market!! Shocked! Don’t be. Apparently if the citizens had paid a little more attention to fashion markets and less to the stock market our economy would be having a ball instead of bawling its way to bankruptcy! Here’s how, the 2009 collections that walked the runway this September not just in Paris but New York and London all had a similar theme “depression”! The models were seen walking up and down the runway in 1930’s style of black or white and common working women’s attire!

An article by Rachel Syme.

How did fashion designers predict the recession while financiers got caught with their pants down?

It seems none of the usual lookouts—not the Treasury’s watchdogs, not Wall Street’s six-figure soothsayers—foresaw the fiscal calamity now threatening to return soup to its glory days as an entire meal.

Well, almost no one. Were the Fed run by Miuccia Prada instead of Ben Bernanke, it might have been on the ball, judging by the spring 2009 fashion collections recently trotted down the runways in New York, Paris and London. Of the Marc Jacobs show last September, New York Times fashion journalist Cathy Horyn wrote, “[It] recalled not merely the common threads of working women, black or white, but also their drift through the dirty ’30s from country to city.” Indeed, several of the outfits reflected a stylish wealth-gap Depression-era garb, perfect for pushing a shopping cart full of worthless Benjamins down Fifth Avenue. Just remember: fingerless gloves or a tattered scarf. Never both, darling.

Click here for the gallery.

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