The Killer Dillers won the Team Division!

The Killer Dillers just got back from ILHC and had an awesome time. In fact, we won the Team Division!!! Take a look:

I am so very proud of us. We were truly surprised to win; it was thrilling! 😀

One thought on “The Killer Dillers won the Team Division!

  1. Breanna says:

    I already told y’all that I love what you do for each other as a team, it’s great to see all your different styles come together and influence each others’ dancing. I think that’s really evident in this routine, which I appreciate more and more each time I watch it, because there’s just so many little details to pick up on! On top of that, y’all are all PERFORMERS, which I think can absolutely push a competition piece into the top.

    Despite all the great things about this routine, I think the best part was seeing the looks on all of the Killer Dillers’ faces when they were announced as 1st Place team winners…nothing but genuine joy, shock, and camaradarie.

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