Check-in Early

You might think it’s silly to check in early if you are going to check your bags (since you’ll still need to go to the kiosk), but it’s not stupid. It’s smart.

For one reason or the other, I decided that I didn’t need to check-in for my flight to Korea the night before. Because of that, I was assigned a sucky seat for a 13.5 hour flight from Los Angeles to Korea. Luckily for me, I have status so I ended up getting a window seat, but because the flight was full, I was on the verge of being shafted, and I would have had no one to blame but myself.

So! Aspiring International Lindy Instructors: if an organizer has booked your flight for you, make sure to tell them to choose either a window or aisle seat for you ahead of time so you don’t show up to the airport without a seat. If you forget to do that, or the organizer can’t manage, make sure you check in online the night before and do this yourself. Don’t forget your mileage number! Often times that can help out.

Thank you for tuning in to “Quick Life Lessons.” 🙂

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