New Year Eve – outfit

I had a doppelganger at Lindy Focus this year!

Photo courtesy of Sharon Davis

Delilah Williams bought her dress from Bebe and I my dress was a Jessica McClintock. Sharon said we looked like reversed French Maids….I thought that was a great way of describing us.

I don’t have any more details on what Delilah was wearing, but here is my run down.

Dress – Jessica McClintock
Tights – Tabeau Tights by Wolford
Shoes – Gramercy by Remix

Here is a picture of what my nails were supposed to look like:

nails - b&w

What did you wear?

2 thoughts on “New Year Eve – outfit

  1. Ana says:

    I have a question about those Remix-Vintage shoes. Is there a reason why you, Sharon and Alice are all wearing the suede-made shoes rather than leather ? I’m planning on buying myself a pair for dancing and I wanted to be sure to make the correct one. I’m in love with the oxford “Gramercy” model. But I had preferences on leather or even croco models. Could you help me on this ?

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