Sea Swing Sensation 2010

Back in January Kevin and I taught on a cruise with Nikki & Shesha Marvin . We left out of Los Angeles, went down to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, and then back to Los Angeles.

I had never been on a cruise before and I wasn’t quite sure if it was going to be for me, but within an hour of being on the boat, I was having such a great time. Kevin and I had a cabin on the inside of the ship which made it awesome for sleeping, but not so awesome for waking up. The shower in our room was pretty awesome as well. Nikki & Shesha had a room with a window and so did Kevin’s parents (his family came along).

Kevin and I taught a few classes while we on board, otherwise we worked out at the awesome gym (which during sea swells made me nauseous), had spa treatments, did internet (but only 250 minutes worth…that was a $100 package….eeek!), rehearsed, and ate. Speaking of which, there is LOTS of eating. Good heavens, so much eating. I think you can eat at every hour of the day on board and there are soooooo many different options. Furthermore, there were a lot of overweight people on board (I am talking clinically obese) and having access to food the way we did I think was a little overwhelming and lead to lots of people eating irresponsibly (I was also totally guilty of that).

Ok, so all that aside, I had a great time. I got to hang out with Kevin and his family (they are super awesome), Nikki & Shesha and their baby girl (I adore all of them), went zip lining (thanks Shesha!!), met some great people, got to dress up (a favorite!) ate some great food (thanks Chuck!), and performed with part of The Atomic Cherry Bombs. Here are some pictures from my trip.

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Pictures from Cat Cetrone, Jesse Mergenthaler, and Steve Wilcox.

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