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Camp Hollywood – Showcase

August 1, 2010 by Jo

It’s 4:17am on Sunday morning (but it still feels like Saturday) and I am in the lobby of the LAX Marriott using the free wifi (WTF, why isn’t it in the rooms?) to post mine and Kev’s latest performance. Sorry I have been SUCH a slacker on posting things, I’ve just been really, really, busy.

Without further adieu, here is “Communication”.

Camp Hollywood 2010 – Showcase Division – Kevin and Jo from Jo Hoffberg on Vimeo.

I also have to post Marty and Delilah’s “Posin’” because it just tickled me!

Fuck, I just love that girl. She’s a whole lot of awesome if you ask me. Enjoy!!


  1. I love the latest performance of Kevin and you! Really awesome! I love the fluidity of your dance!… and… I’m a fan of your blog! hihi! cheers!

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