Aerial: The Cupcake

If you’ve taken an aerial class with Kevin and me in the last year, you’ve probably had the opportunity to learn the Cupcake from us.

The Back Story:

We saw Jeremy Otth and Laura Keat do this aerial at Camp Hollywood in 2008 and were super wowed by it.

If you go to 4:37, you can watch their routinelette that has “The Cupcake” in it.

They saw this aerial on So You Think You Can Dance and lindy-fied it. Super cool. To be honest, I hadn’t seen the clip of the original aerial until today….and here it is:

If you fast forward to 1:20 ish, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Then Kevin and I figured out how to do the aerial while in Herrang 2009 and debuted our version of it at Lindy Focus. We finally decided on the name after doing this aerial in a jam.

To see the jam, go to 1:57.

You see, that fabulous dress I am wearing is rather cupcake-like and you might notice, when I land on Kevin’s shoulders, his head has disappeared. He is inside my cupcake dress. Hence…cupcake.

You’re welcome.


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