Lindy Shock 2010

This was definitely one of my favorite events of the year, if not favorite. Marcell, the organizer, did a wicked-good job of covering all the logistics and knows how to run a tight shift. All of his past research clearly paid off.

First things first, the line up. There were great teachers AND the DJs were fantastic. When you have the combination of great teachers and great music, more often than not, great dancers show up to dance with the instructors to the awesome music. It almost felt like the Who’s Who of Europe came to the event. Don’t believe me? There were 800 people at the event and it’s only in it’s 4th year. The numbers were up 40% since last year. “Dang!!!” is right (*head nod). So here’s the list: the main teachers are Andrew Sutton, Dax & Sarah, Hasse & Marie, Juan & Sharon, Kevin & Jo, Skye & Frida, Vincenzo & Isa, Zack & Maryse. Our taster teachers are Alf & Eli, Ali & Katja, Fedor & Inga, Nejc & Katja. Jamie Cameron, Deeb from Lithuania, Luc Prunet from Toulouse, Paulo BrotherSwing from Paris, Laurent Meirieu aka DJ Lolo from Toulouse were just some of the incredible DJ’s that held down the musical front.

From a teacher’s stand point, things were fantastic, other than auditions. That being said, auditions are never “super fun!” so it’s not like this was a special case. (I’ll write another post just on audition, but in short, we don’t want students to feel bad about where they were placed and have it affect their ability to learn. The process itself is also slightly stressful. Other than that, it’s necessary to put people into appropriate levels so that the learning environment is consistent and the teachers are the best people to do that.)
What was so fantastic, you say? The rooms on the boat were teeny, but cute. The shower actually had hot water and good water pressure. The sound systems worked in all the classrooms. The floors were nice in all the classrooms. The students arrived on time and were ready to learn (you might think that is obvious, but it is not always the case). Food was easily accessible, and so was dessert after we asked Marcell. We were given money for drinks. The music was fantastic (there were 5 different rooms playing music so everyone was bound to find something that suited their mood). Terrific people were there. Competitions were super. And finally, we were given a great place to party with our friends. A men!

Photos by Eric Esquivel, Tatiana Satsenya, and Eran Tobi


Short and quick: The contests were fantastic! I saw so much solid and inspired dancing… really jazzed me up. Congratulations to everyone who competed!!


William & Maeve – 1st place

Mindaugas & Gierdre – 2nd place

Strictly Lindy Prelims:


Kevin St. Laurent doing Hungarian

Joysse being amazing

Teachers being impressive

[videos go here….but where are they??]

More video to come!!!

Marcell, thank you for putting on such a fantastic event. To the students, thank you for coming ready to learn and for asking some really great questions! To everyone that attended, thanks for being there and helping make my year. To the competitors, thanks for kicking ass in that tiny space!! To the DJs, thank you for playing the stuff that makes me want to dance! To the boys, thanks for buying drinks! To my friends, I love you and I’ll see you somewhere around the world. 😀

2 thoughts on “Lindy Shock 2010

  1. Markus B says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience from so many different dance events around the world. Having been also at LindyShock this year, I was really curious and waiting in anticipation for your blog post!
    And indeed, also from my perspective as a student there, it was really a great event. Great teachers ;), lovely parties, exciting show acts, and everything very well organized with attention to detail. Starting with the registration where you got a nice passport document from the Republic of Lindy Shock, with picture and all sorts of dance visa stamps, giving you all necessary information to ‘Hop around the world in five days’, the official theme. And not to forget the poetic advertising trailer which was even before…
    Teaching spots were all in walking distance from the main boat, and having 15 min walks between dance spots was a good opportunity to either digest the good lunch from the boat or get an idea about ‘normal’ Budapest streets and city areas.
    Parties were amazing, great music and a lot of really, really great dancers, very inspiring. Having 4 different dance floors provided also a lot of variety. While on the main dance floor, the bands played mostly very fast songs, you still could go to the other 2 floors on the upper deck or the one on the additional smaller boat directly attached to the main boat, giving you different music styles and tempos, up to blues on some nights. (I did not find the 5th room you mentioned, but maybe it’s like in Herräng, where I also never made it to the ‘hidden’ basement …) So there was always the right thing for each dancer’s taste and dance experience. It was fun to simply wander around – or you could step outside, watching the Danube passing by the Budapest skyline while cooling down – or have some good dessert, mjam. And by watching the show acts, competitions, or simply the social dances one could get good insights about the European lindy hop scene, especially the quite vibrant Eastern European scene IMHO.

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