3 thoughts on “Keds and Sparkles

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Jo – Follow you and your exciting Lindy Hop escapades as often as humanly possible. I normally dance in Aris Allen heels, but have been wanting to switch over to a cute Ked for my more casual outfits and competitions. Do you have suede put onto the bottom of these, or do you find they are spinny enough with the low-traction rubber sole?

  2. Jo says:

    Hey Elizabeth :D I have some sueded pairs and some of them are worn down enough to dance on the slicker floors. In general, if the floor is sticky, I stay out of my “sticks” and put on my “slicks” so I can protect my knees.

    Fun fact: Typically, when I travel, I have 2 pairs of sueded shoes, 2 pairs of sticks, a pair of dance heels, a pair of boots, and flip flops or sandals.

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