I want this luggage!! It’s not going to happen, but a girl can dream!

Luxury Luggage Sets like this J-Crew Globe-Trotter Centenary Collection is a stand-out luxury luggage line that will stand out at any airport. Handcrafted by Globe-Trotter, the British company whose expertly crafted luggage has been carried by royalty and other discerning customers since 1897, J-Crew Luxury Luggage Sets are guaranteed to withstand the rigors of travel–or the weight of a one-ton elephant, whichever is worse–thanks to the strength of exceptionally lightweight Vulcan Fibre. Each and every case is handmade by an experienced craftsman in our own custom color combination. The collection is available only in very limited quantities and features a Vulcan Fibre shell, cotton lining, leather trim and straps. The collection includes a vanity case ($1,000), trolley case ($1,800), suitcase with wheels ($2,200), extra-deep suitcase with wheels ($2,300), and extra-deep suitcase with wheels ($2,400).

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