Hair Tutorial – Day 15 – Big Bun

I love this girl! I’ve been watching her videos for a bit, and this is definitely an easier one, but still great to keep in mind. That being said, this is more of a long hair style. I bet you could do something similar with medium length hair, it just might not be as easy.

Enjoy the Japanese!!!!

I love wearing a bun. As a kid, I used to associate “buns” with ballerinas and since I was a tomboy, I wanted nothing to do with the ballet girls. I wanted to play Handball and Four Square (yup, it was a game before it was an app), and girls with buns didn’t do that sort of thing.
Fast forward to my college years, I decided ballet was amazing and I wore a bun for class, but not in the lindy world. Fast forward a few more years… I remember seeing Frida wear her hair in a bun and that changed things for me. Yes, even I could spruce up my everyday pony tail and turn it into a bun! Hahha, so simple. Currently my hair is about bra length and layered, which makes keeping the ends in a little tough to do, but I can still make it happen.

One thought on “Hair Tutorial – Day 15 – Big Bun

  1. Jo says:

    Hahah, I did this yesterday and my bun was too big!! I didn’t think I’d ever get to a point where I’d say that, but seriously…when I back comb my hair, it’s can become madness.

    I’ve never been much of a teaser (in regards to my hair), but as of late, I’m using this method to help create more volume. Maybe it’s because the 80’s are coming back into fashion….

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