Hair Tutorial – Day 11 – French Braid Friday!

Here’s what I’ll tell you about me and French Braids. When I was growing up, all the popular girls and soccer players knew how to french braid hair. I remember wanting to french braid my hair, but my friends and I never knew how. Fast forward to 2008; I remember seeing Sharon wear her hair in one and that finally gave me the push to learn how to do it. Thank goodness there was a magical machine called YouTube that provided me with answers so that I, too, could have french braided hair! FYI: what Americans know as a braid, the Aussies and Brits know as a plait. What Americans know as a French braid, the A/B know as a braid. Don’t get confused like I did!!

During a week off back in 2009, I found myself a tutorial on how to french braid and I made myself learn how to do it! It took 45 minutes the first time, or something close to that. My triceps were burning by the time I finished one side! Hahha, even now, one of the best ways for me to increase my body temperature is to french braid my hair. Works a treat!! So don’t get frustrated trying to learn this. It’s a piece of cake once you have it down, you just need to learn the pattern with your hands. Once you learn to braid crossing the hair over the top, then try the same pattern, but crossing the hair under. 😛

Ok, now to braiding!

French Braid and Bun. This I’ll use!

Once you already have that down, try this one that wraps around the side of your head. I do something similar to this to this with my hair, but I go more at an angle (see photos). I like how this lady explains what to do; it’s pretty clear and concise. If you know how to french braid before doing this video, I presume this will be easier.

4 thoughts on “Hair Tutorial – Day 11 – French Braid Friday!

  1. Jo says:

    Gahhhhh! I spent 20 minutes on this the other day and I couldn’t get it to look like this! Perhaps I need to curl my hair? Blimey, that was frustrating. 🙂

    I’m not going to give up on this though. I will prevail. Has anyone had any luck on doing the braid and then pulling some of the strands out so you have more body and texture?

    Any tricks? Anything you noticed that is noteworthy?

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