Hair Tutorial – Day 14 – Pin Curls

This is primarily what I do with my hair when I am trying to curl it. It’s easy to do and easy to sleep in. Typically I’ll keep my hair in pin curls for two days and then when I take them out I have big, bouncy hair. Take a look at my banner (top of website); that’s what my hair can look like when I do this to my hair. Haha, if you wear your hair in pin curls for a couple of days, make sure you have a scarf or something to wrap your head in….you’ll look pretty funny if you don’t. 😀

Heheh, funny side story. I wore my cover up for a few days and finally when I took my hair out, a number of people didn’t believe that my curly hair was real. Eeesh, in fact, I think some of thought I had lost my hair…….different story. ANY who…

OMG, so much talky-talky! I jumped ahead to 1:54 which is where the tutorial really starts. You can either have damp hair or dry hair (which you’ll need to use product) to do this style. If you’re short on time, just to 5:00 and take it from there.

Picture of my hair after I pin curl it:

When you pin curl your hair, do you do it this way or with a curling iron?

7 thoughts on “Hair Tutorial – Day 14 – Pin Curls

  1. Axelle says:

    Usualy I use a curling iron, cuz when you have very layered hair, it’s hard to get them into pincurls… If you have some tips, I’m willing to try though!

  2. Jesse Hanus says:

    I love pincurls! I either curl my hair this way or with foam rollers. The foam rollers result in more uniform curls that are a lot more springy. However, they are harder to sleep in and hide during the day.
    However, I have problems getting the ends especially to not be frizzy. Also, if I leave my curls in too long I get a fro. I’m not sure how your hair stays so long even when it’s curled! Maybe it’s texture?

  3. Jo says:

    I like using foam rollers, but I find when I travel I don’t want to part with that extra bit of space. Maybe I should suck it up and just travel with them.

    @ Jesse – do you travel with yours?

    @ Axelle – the front of my hair is layered (er….well…..more than the back) and I’ll start rolling my hair around my fingers starting where the shortest layer is, then wrap the ends, and then roll the rest of my hair down to my head. Middle – end – top. 🙂

  4. Jesse says:


    I do travel with them sometimes. They squish into small spaces pretty well! However, you probably use bigger ones and more of them because of the length and thickness of hair.

  5. Julie B says:

    This has proven to be a great way to curl my hair (thanks!), and I like using a few pin curls just as a hairstyle accent. But I have trouble hiding the bobby pins and still having the curls stay in, any tips?

  6. Jo says:

    Hey Julie, I’m terrible at hiding bobby pins, but Alicia Vance and Nikki Marvin are two gals that know their stuff. Perhaps I can ask them!

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