Hair Tutorial – Day 16 – Bob Revisited

I want short hair. I want long hair. I want short hair. I want long hair. It seems easier to do things with short hair, but you’re limited by your length. It’s easy to work with long hair because you have more options, but then you have to deal with the extra length. Gahhh!!! I need more wigs, or weaves and personal assistants.

Hahha….I laugh at myself after reading what I’ve just written. I’ll keep it up there anyways.

Bob Revisited. Luckily I found a lovely lady with long hair who bobbed herself out! I love it! Back to wanting longer hair!

Here was my attempt at a bob.

Wish I had better shots of my hair from this, but you can kinda see it. I think had I used product, it would have stayed in for the entire show. Oh well, you live and you learn!

4 thoughts on “Hair Tutorial – Day 16 – Bob Revisited

  1. Lindsay K. says:

    I had an idea.. I really want to try this with my hair curled!! I’d just curl all of it (the whole length) and then follow the same process. The way my hair is, it’d actually probably make it a lot easier for the pinning to hold. Even though my hair is thick and coarse, it loves to slip out of bobby pins (or push the pins out). Curls would help that, I think.

    I like the bob idea, but I don’t know about keeping it straight (for me, at least). I cut my hair short last summer because I was really sick for about 8 months and just didn’t want to deal with long hair at the time, but then I remembered that I only like my hair short when I can do ringlets all over and fluff it up!! Yet, while I love it long, I wish I could do that style. Maybe this is the answer!

  2. Lindsay K. says:

    P.S. I vote for long hair being easier because you can always just pull it back in a nice bun or ponytail, slap a headband or flower on it and call it a day, even when it is wet. Short hair requires styling!

  3. Beth D says:

    I have hair too short for a fake bob….but I like your dress, and would be happy to take that off your hands when it starts gathering dust in the back of the closet. Just sayin…

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