Hair Tutorial – Day 19 – Faux Hawk

I’m in London this weekend and I feel like I need a little kick to my look! Everyone is so fashionable here!! Some of you have seen me rocking this look before and if you’ve asked me how to do it, here’s where I learned. Yes, I’ve posted videos from her before, and guess what, there is more to come!!

You don’t need to curl your hair to do it. Typically I back comb the crap out of my hair, twirl it forward, and pin it. I remember the first time I did this to my hair I was in Vegas with Dorry & Sommer, Nikki & Shesha, and Kev. We saw Zumanity (which is a freaking hot show if you ask me) and rode the roller coaster at the New York, New York hotel. Let me tell you s’m’th’n….bobby pins do not say in your hair when you ride a roller coaster like that. Just sayin’!!

3 thoughts on “Hair Tutorial – Day 19 – Faux Hawk

  1. Axelle says:

    I prefer do this with two or three ponytails… This way the hair is more spread and easier to set in a fauxhawk, especially when you have a lot!

  2. Beth D says:

    I have short hair, so there really aren’t a lot of these awesome do’s I can get away with…however, your faux hawk inspired me to find a tutorial for those of us without a mop on top 🙂 This girl’s turned out pretty sweet…

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