Hair Tutorial – Day 23 – French Twist

I super-suck at french twists so I figured I should included them in the hair tutorials. Here’s one of my favorite girls doing it up! Mind you, she has really long hair.

If you have a buddy to help you do your hair (or you just want to hear how to do this in English), check out this tutorial here. I would have embedded it, but the code was taken down 🙁

Have no fear Ladies-with-Short-Hair! Here’s a quick video tutorial (under 1 minute) on how to do a french twist and securing it with a comb.

I wish I had seen this video before New Years Eve! It would have gone so well with my dress! Oh well…I just had my hair loose….it worked fine enough. See?

3 thoughts on “Hair Tutorial – Day 23 – French Twist

  1. Julie Brown says:

    I love love love french twists! They’re also great when decorated with flowers along the “seam” of your hair, or with chopsticks.

  2. Lindsay K. says:

    I loved the french twist when my hair was at that weird short length where a ponytail just did not look right. Ok, it was more of a tuck & pin than a real french twist, but it works!!

    I haven’t tried these with a french twist, but I got about 3 months use of them before I cut my hair (only bc I was sick for months & couldn’t take care of it! Ugggh I wish I hadn’t.) They are a bit pricey at like $6 for 2, but they are AMAZING. My hair won’t stay up with just a fancy comb or chopsticks. It takes at least 10-15 pins to do a simple messy bun. But THESE held my hair wonderfully. I was amazed that it held a bun tight and didn’t even let it hang down a bit like I expected it would. I only did buns and side-do’s with them, but I imagine they’d be a great tool for a quick french twist..

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