Hair Tutorial – Day 25 – Fabulous Friday

Ok, this one blows my mind. I’ve never thought to twist my hair while braiding it. I think I’ll need to try this on someone first so I can have some sense about the dexterity it takes, but I dig it! It’s edgier than how the girls would have worn their hair in the 1940s, but I still think it’s worthy of being up her for Febru-hairy!

Yeah for no words, a quick run down, and good camera angles! That is a great tutorial according to me!!


Hahah, here is how to do a 5 Braid. What’s so great about this is that it’s not done with hair, it’s done with dough! Now learn it!

And last, but not least, here is one that will also test your french braiding skills. I still can’t do this consistently, but I’m working on it! I often do the same thing she does with the end of her hair. Once you finish your braid (variation), then roll it up and pin the crap out of it to your head so it won’t go anywhere while you’re dancing!

What other variations have you come up with? Do you prefer to braid in pig tails or all of your hair? Over the top, or around the back?

Keep sending and posting pictures!!

2 thoughts on “Hair Tutorial – Day 25 – Fabulous Friday

  1. Axelle says:

    I usualy begin to braid the upper right part of my head and i follow a diagonal line to the bottom left part, just behind the left ear. Then I puff the end and put a flower!

  2. Lindsay K. says:

    I need to take photos this weekend for your slideshow, but I was wondering if you are ever planning on doing another month-long tutorial thing like this for other beauty stuff? Because this has been REALLY awesome and fun! Make-up would be an obvious, but useful one. Or nails! I just figured out how to do a great half-moon a couple months ago and have been re-doing my nails like every 3-4 days. My polish collection went from 4 to over 20 and still rapidly expanding in just a couple months.

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