Hair Tutorial – Day Nine – Victory Rolls

I really dig how Vivideluxxxe did her tutorial. Even if you don’t watch the entire thing, you can still click through the video and see her progression. I really like the shape of her rolls. 😀

Often times I won’t curl my hair before I do rolls, but I can absolutely see the benefit of why one should. Hehe, mostly I don’t have the time since my hair is so long and heavy. How about you? Do you curl your hair or do you tease instead?

Don’t forget to send me pictures!!

Hehhe, I just figured out that my Day Six post didn’t make it up, until now! Check it out. I found a great tutorial on how to curl hair with a curling iron. Great for short to medium hair.

One thought on “Hair Tutorial – Day Nine – Victory Rolls

  1. Snookie says:

    I always curl my hair before styling, but I have to in order to get any volume. I like hot rollers though, I think they’re easier than a curling iron for vintage styles. My favorites are Hot Sticks – they give a tight curl like a pincurl, not the fat curls like this girl uses.

    I’m enjoying your series!

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