Hair Tutorial – Day One

Alright, here we have it, day one. I’m kinda excited for this!

I picked this video because I saw the photo thingy and dug the look. XTeeener, the author, goes on WAAAY to long, but at least has something fun, easy and quick.

In case you don’t want to watch the whole thing, scroll to the end and check out the photos of it (6:54). Here’s my Quick Run Down of what she had to say:

1) Make a poof and pin it. Personally I think this should be BIG, but that’s because I like wearing them that way!
2) Section the back part of your hair into 2 even sections, top and bottom.
3) Make a bun out of the top section. Secure.
4) Make a bun out of the bottom section. Secure.

Yeah….feel free to fast forward through that video, but at least give the hairstyle a shot!


4 thoughts on “Hair Tutorial – Day One

  1. carla Heiney says:

    my twin sister and I have been doing this for years to try to make out super straight hair have waves in it. We usually wrap the buns when our hair is wet to make them a little tighter. I don’t do the poof at the to, but a side sweep.Also, nice to do them on the sides of your head like cutsie littly ponytail buns and or what I really like is asymmetrical buns on the back of the head too! You can also do the same thing with braids and it is quick, easy and can look like you spent a lot of time on it. Thanks, Jo…always love your hair!

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