Quick List – Febru-hairy

Ladies, thanks so much for all the great comments and for trying these things with me!! Here’s a quick

Day 1 – Double Bun
Day 2 – Bandana
Day 3 – French Twist/Faux Hawk
Day 4 – Pinup Hairdo
Day 5 – Bangs

Day 6 – How to Curl your Hair & Pinup Curls
Day 7 – Hair Rat
Day 8 – Faux Bob
Day 9 – Victory Rolls
Day 10 – Hair and Makeup

Day 11 – French Braid Friday! Intro to French Braids
Day 12 – Inspired by Bernie
Day 13 – Snood
Day 14 – Pin Curls
Day 15 – Big Bun

Day 16 – Bob Revisited
Day 17 – Hot Rollers
Day 18 – Inside out French Braid
Day 19 – Faux Hawk
Day 20 – Victory Rolls

Day 21 – Side Roll
Day 22 – Retro hairstyle
Day 23 – French Twist
Day 24 – Twist n’ Braid
Day 25 – French Braid Friday – ridiculous and amazing

Day 26 – Snoody Victory
Day 27 – Long Hair and Quick Fixes
Day 28 – Make a Bow with your hair

Which were your favorites?

2 thoughts on “Quick List – Febru-hairy

  1. Meredith says:

    You are FABULOUS, Jo! Thank you so much for compiling all these awesome hairstyles! I haven’t had to time to work through all of them (I’m a little slow in the hairstyling department-literally. it takes me FOREVER to do my hair!), but I am looking forward to rokking the ones I HAVE mastered!

    You have also given me some SERIOUS motivation to grow my hair out. Right now, it’s layered and falls just above my shoulders. I can do SOME of the vintage hairstyles you posted, but not ALL of them. It would probably help significantly if I grew my hair out a few more inches.

    My favorite hairstyle? THE HAIR BOW. While it’s not necessarily “vintage”, I don’t care.I will channel Lady Gaga every opportunity I get!

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