Korean Lindy Hop Championships 2011 – Couples Division

The Camp Swing It team put on another amazing event and threw the first Korean Lindy Hop Championships! I have to say, the attendees of CSI threw down this weekend and I’m so proud of everyone who competed!!

Here are videos from the weekend from the Couples Division, which include Showcase and Classic pieces. There were lots of cute routines, great musicality, fun costumes, and a bouquet of flowers. Yeahh!!!!



3st Couples Contest – Sunbum Moon & Chloe Hong

1st Couples Contest – Soochan Lee & Hyun Jung Choi

2st Couples Contest – JeongWoo Hong & Crystal Lee

During the last few classes Kevin and I taught, we requested that everyone post videos of the competitions so that the world could see how great the weekend was AND to label them with names of the contestants. I can’t wait to see more videos!!

Congratulations to all the contestants!! You did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure to watch you dance. XOXO

One thought on “Korean Lindy Hop Championships 2011 – Couples Division

  1. Jennifer says:

    Jo, we owe you and Kevin (at least part of 😉 ) what we had at Camp Swing It this past weekend. Two of you brought not only Lindy Hop techniques through the classes, but taught and reminded us the ‘spirit’ of Lindy Hop during the first three years of this newly created event. Thank you for all the great lessons, performances, and constructive advice. I hope we’ll celebrate wonderful CSI weekends many many more times, together! Enjoy the rest of your stay in Korea.

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