Movits! and The Hot Shots

Yeah for lindy hoppers being in music videos!!! Here are some of the top Swedish dancers dancing around, being awesome.

Starring: Daniel Heedman, Asa Heedman, and Pontus Persson.

DAMMNNN! Did you see those “trenches”? Holy cow those were awesome. Love the white back drop and the black accents.  And doesn’t the piano player sometimes look like Zacke?

Starring: Sakarias Larsson, Daniel Heedman, Asa Heedman, Pontus Persson, and Frida Borg.

Now go support them supporting lindy hoppers by buying their music!!

Purchase on iTunes Sweden/Scandinavia:…

Purchase on iTunes US/International:…

Stream on Spotify:…

The album “Ut Ur Min Skalle” drops March 23 in Sweden/Scandinavia, and April 5 in the US/International.

5 thoughts on “Movits! and The Hot Shots

  1. Lindsay K. says:

    Ok, I have two comments.

    1. The design nerd in me would like to say this: I LOVE THAT FIRST GRAPHIC!!!! Ahhh. So beautiful. Typographic and simple and wonderful and just perfect.

    Now that I’ve got that out of my system..

    2. Love love love spotting lindy hop in videos, thanks for pointing these out!

  2. Cari says:

    I won’t lie. I’ve thought about swing dancing to the Movits for about six months now, and never actually realized they had videos with swing dancers in them! I even have a Pandora station based off that second song…fantastic.

  3. Lindsay K. says:

    Yeah I read up on them shortly after reading this post and it seems Colbert is largely responsible for them being known in the states (outside of the lindy circle, that is, haha). I guess he had them on in 2008 to perform. Now that they have a new album coming out, he’s streaming the whole album on his site! Here’s a more direct link to it:

    I just got my tickets for their Salt Lake City show, my friend and I are ridiculously excited (especially because the venue is teeny tiny).

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