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I was recently in Las Vegas with some friends when I was sucked into my next fashion focus: nails. While wandering around in one of the many malls, I needed to have my gel nails removed and I didn’t want to try and pick them off any more than I already had. I went from salon to salon asking how much it’d be to get them removed and I was quoted $35. That’s obscene. As I continued to wander along, I stumbled upon Incoco which changed the way I looked at nail polish.

INCOCO is the first ever nail polish that is “bottle-free” and dry to the touch at the moment of application. This exciting new technology is a dry nail polish strip which means that the user gets no smudges, no drips, no messy nail polish bottles and a beautiful salon manicure at home!

The flat nail strips contain 3 real layers ….base, color and top coats. Every nail strip holds evenly distributed smooth coats of color. The nail strips are easy to handle and can be applied ANYWHERE … an airport, an office, even in the back of a taxi!

Sounds perfect for someone who lives out of their suitcase! DIY, cheap and readily available. Cheaper than getting an actual manicure, easier to apply by yourself (no heating by UV lamp or hair dryer) and they’re supposed to last up to 2 weeks. Needless to say, I bought quite a few sets after the lady at the Incoco stand removed my nail polish and gave me a manicure. Check it out!

The process is super easy.

  • Cut/File nails into the shape you want
  • Grab nail strip. Take off the clear, top layer
  • Remove color strip from backing
  • Place color strip on nail. Peel up and start again if you want a different placement
  • Pull strip down over the edge of your nail and mush of the end
  • File nail strip (and nail) down a little further to seal the deal

Piece of cake, huh? If you’d like to buy some of your own, check out Incoco’s Online Store. The strips run between $8-$12. That’s more expensive than if you buy a bottle of polish and do it yourself, but it’s less than if you have a salon do it. Sally Hansen has a similar product out called Salon Effect. Those strips are “toluene and formaldehyde-free, odorless and do not need to dry. [The sets] will cost just under ten dollars which contains sixteen strips (room for mistakes!), a cuticle stick, a mini file-buffer and full instructions.” I recently bought a set but haven’t tried one yet. I’ll update this post once I’ve tried them both and let you know which I prefer.

Wow, right? That’s an example of the high end brand is called Minx (I think they were the first brand that came out with nail sticker). You’ve probably seen Minx in music videos, magazines, television, the red carpet and the internet. Several celebrities have been seen sporting their Minx nails, including Beyonce, Solange Knowles, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry (pictured above), Rihanna, Fergie and many others. The Minx process takes a little bit longer, requires a heat lamp, and costs about $40-$60/set. Oh yeah, and you can only get it professionally done. 🙁

Two other brands you can check out are Inque Nails which has a crappy website but really fantastic designs and are about $16/set and Nail WOW (think infomercial) which are about $9/set.

Have you guys tried these things before? What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Nail Stickers

  1. Lindsay K. says:

    I haven’t tried them yet, but I almost bought the Sally Hansen ones. I probably will at some point. I really want to try the houndstooth pattern! I have heard that the solid color ones, at least the SH brand, tend to show every imperfection of your nail, so if you have any ridges, buffing or using a ridge-filler first is a must.

  2. Angela says:

    I recently purchased several kits from… I was extremely surpised at how easy they are to apply. I’ve been wearing mine for over a week now and they still look fantastic! The first set I tried was their blue wave, which is beautiful. I have to say the picture online didn’t do it justice. I absolutely LOVE them! I now get compliments on my nails every day. The price was right. The first 2 sets were around $8 but each one after that was only $6.. So of course I had to buy many! I would highly recommend NailWOW. I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as I do!

  3. TJ (Jennifer) B. says:

    My birthday lunch with my girlfriends was unexpected and so much fun. They gave me a beautiful silver and black silk scarf that cost a small fortune, and NailWOW Nail Polish Strips. Frankly, I had never heard about this brand so I guess I was out of the loop.

    My “sisters” know how much I love fashion and beauty so I’m guessing this is why they gave me NailWOW. Now, I’m hooked.

    Between the fab NailWOW designs, DIY dry manicure, and none of the nasty chemicals used in many brands of nail polish, it’s awesome. Right now, my two favorites designs for the weekend club scene are Silver Sparkle and a sexy Zebra design. So, let people think I have a $35.00 salon manicure.

    LOL because $1000.00 a year including tips for manicures is definitely not happening. It’s this NY Hottie’s little beauty secret

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