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Hollerado is a Juno Award nominated Canadian indie rock band formed in 2007 and originally from Manotick, Ontario, Canada and recently released their latest music video “Got to Lose”. They needed a bevy of ladies to help out, and who better to ask than the Atomic Cherry Bombs!! Nikki Marvin and Evonne Tan-Marvine worked their booties off to get the choreography done (and redone, and done again, and done again, and for a final time) in time for the shoot, working up until the moment of the shoot. I think they did a brilliant job with the choreography and I can only imaging how stressful it must have been to get costumes and change choreography for 18 girls up until the last minutes. What superstars!!

The video!!

Here are some of the behind the scene photos that Stephanie Albo of Intuitive Image Photography and Evonne took during the excitement!



Congratulations ladies for a job exceptionally well done. I can only image what it must have been like behind the scenes. From the video and the pictures, everything looks fabulous, fun, easy, and a blast. I’m sure it was that, and more. 😀

Here is our new video. Just like Americanarama, it was directed by the president of awesomeness, Greg Jardin. Once again it was done in one take, with one camera. We love doing one take videos with Greg because they make us feel like we are in elementary school gym class. This shoot was basically a giant obstacle course that we had to try and figure out before our two days of shooting time expired. The cameraman also had a really hard job because he had to memorize the choreography for everyone so that he could follow it all.

The dancers are from an awesome troupe called the Atomic Cherry Bombs. They worked for weeks on this choreography and refused any payment besides flowers and cupcakes. Also, one of the dancers holds the world record for the largest collection of Bruce Lee paraphernalia.

We shot the video in the studio that Charlie Chaplin built almost 100 years ago. Later Jim Henson took over and used it to throw awesome muppet parties. This explains how our drummer Jake is so effortlessly channelling the ghost of Animal. I also found it funny that the two days of the year that it rains in Los Angeles happened to be the same two days that we shot a video where the only props were 53 umbrellas. Maybe it was Charlie Chaplin’s way of wishing us good luck.

directed by GREG JARDIN | http://www.gregjardin.com

choreography by NIKKI MARVIN and EVONNE MARVIN | http://www.nikkimarvin.com

dancers THE ATOMIC CHERRY BOMBS | http://www.atomiccherrybombs.com


executive producer JENNIFER HEATH

production company VISION ENTERTAINMENT / RADICAL MEDIA| http://www.visionfilmco.com| http://www.radicalmedia.com

cinematographer LARKIN SEIPLE | http://www.larkinseiple.com

art director SUSANNAH LOWBER | http://www.d14productions.com/susannah-lowber.html

Thanks also to MuchFACT for the $$


BUY MERCH ONLINE: http://www.galleryac.com/hollerado-record-in-a-bag.html

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