ESCD Classic – new choreography

Earlier this evening, Kevin and I performed our new Classic routine at the European Swing Dance Championships in Barcelona, Spain. We were the openers for the Classic Division. Take a look!!!!

Yes, the video went up incredibly quickly. Just goes to show what an amazing event ESDC is!

So we didn’t hit it, and there are a couple of bobbles, but we’re happy with it. The lighter was a colossal failure; I pulled it out facing the wrong direction and couldn’t get it to light. Arg!! But we kept going and were able to leave the floor smiling. All in all, I’m pleased with how we did. We’ll definitely use this routine a few more times and then really see how we feel about it.

Did you recognize the ending? Can you name what video that is from?

4 thoughts on “ESCD Classic – new choreography

  1. Alf says:

    Padebure, padebure and a barrel roll and a HA!

    I actually digged the lighter glitch. It made me laugh. Are the results out yet?

  2. Chelsea says:

    You guys look great! The cigar bit is awesome, regardless of your technical difficulties. I love the thing you guys are doing from 0:36-0:41. Somewhere in Wichita, a lead doesn’t yet know that he will be figuring that out with me this week.

    Don’t recognize the ending, what’s it from??

  3. Lindyspice says:

    Gotta agree with Chelsea on both counts- the sultry bit in the middle was fab, and I *loved* the flick kicks!

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