Favorite Social Dance with Kevin

This is one of my all time favorite social dances with Kevin on video.

Oh my goodness, I had forgotten so many of the little moments in here. I remembered really liking the dance, but now after watching it, I’m actually impressed! Hahah, truth be told, I wish I had some dances like this; I love the footwork that I’m doing and it’ looks like I’m following pretty solidly. Favorite moment for me is at 3:31 where I stay on one leg for about two 8 counts. Haha, two last things: I don’t remember the last time my hair was that short AND I still wear those jeans. 😀

Thank you Bernd Peters for sending me this clip!!

2 thoughts on “Favorite Social Dance with Kevin

  1. Anaïs says:

    I actually watched this dance several times, and rewatched again ! 😉 but from another video on vimeo. And it’s also one of my favorite of you and Kevin. I like the other version better. The colors are warmer, and also the point of view advantages you more.
    From the message written below the video, I think you’ve already seen it.

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow, I can see why it’s your favorite. There is such great teamwork going on here, such fun, edgy, quirky spits and spats. You two dance so well together.

    I think I like social performances better than choreography a lot of the time. It’s organic, and impressive. And sometimes more accessible. I don’t have a partner, and I don’t spend time choreographing – but I can social dance. Watching such accomplished dancers ‘just social dance’ makes me feel more connected to what goes on.

    Thanks for sharing!

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