No Cheap Flights

I feel pretty strongly that when I travel for work, I will not use budget airlines. When it comes down to it, they aren’t the less expensive than the larger airlines. I think these three ladies sum up how I feel about cheap airlines and why.

Thanks Fascinating Aida for saying everything I wanted to say. Feck!

2 thoughts on “No Cheap Flights

  1. Lindsay K. says:

    I read a fantastic article on this subject once that summed up all my feelings on it. Basically it stated this: People bitch about high ticket prices and piss-poor service, but there is NO LOYALTY these days. They say one thing (we want better service) and do the opposite/what doesn’t support it at all (buy the cheapest ticket they can find). I think passengers need to step back like you have and realize that we can’t have it both ways. Does anyone go to Taco Bell and expect sit-down service? Or go to a fancy restaurant and expect a $2 entree?!

    Same goes with the new baggage and food fees, too. Passengers don’t realize that the cost of transporting a bag or providing food has ALWAYS been in the ticket price, it just happens to be optional now.

    Ok, I’m done now, sorry 🙂 Sometimes being an employee in the industry makes the airline debates hit a bit too close to home. And in summary, bravo to you for supporting what you feel really matters and being accepting that this comes with a higher price.

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