Lots of Reading

I’ve been Stateside since late Monday night and I feel like I’ve done nothing other than read articles on the web. Part of me feels like I must have been in an existential funk (but couldn’t go buy a new suit) and the other part of me feels like it was an incredibly good use of my time since I’ve lost touch with reality recently (that’s what a month in Herrang will do for you).

Here are some sites that kept me busy the last few days:

Barked up the Wrong Tree
Big Think
High Existence
The New Scientist
JD Man Stories – a hilarious read of boy antics. Here’s a favorite one about why NOT to date a crazy girl.

What are your favorite sites to visit? Where do you go to catch up on your reading? What else do I need to read?

And did you get the reference? I hope so!

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