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I just learned about The Bernie last night and it has changed how I look at the world of dance. Kevin and I referenced The Bernie in class tonight and in case any of you from class read this, here is the video that makes me throw my head back and wiggle my body with wild disregard! I’ve also found a great break down on how to do the move…..keep scrolling down!!


According to Mahalo, here is the everything-you-want-to-know about this new dance craze!

“This dance was inspired by the “Weekend at Bernie’s” movie series. In the films, the dead character miraculously came alive whenever music played.

Part 1: Forward Walk

Start with a two step, demonstrated in the
Find the Beat lesson. Another option is stepping out to your right with the right foot, then doing very small alternating steps forward, leading with the hip each time. This option works better with the Bernie.

Part 2: Lean

Lean back. When you do this, you should feel the stretch in your lower back and abdomen. Move your shoulders backward and forward, one at a time, alternating sides. During this, your arms should be loose at your sides.

Now, do parts one and two at the same time. Do a right, left, right, left.

Part 3: Head

Lean your head back as though you have a nosebleed.

After you’ve practiced these three parts, do them all simultaneously for the Bernie.

Variation and Combination

For a variation on the Bernie, try leaning forward instead of back, face down, bending at the waist.

After practicing this, try this combination of the basic and the variation: right, left, right, left, variation right,
variation left, variation right, variation left.”

What a stellar teaching video!

So how ’bout it Lindy Hoppers…where can you add this into your social dancing?

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