10 Reasons to come and teach in Israel


10. The pastries are delicious.
9. The food is fresh AND healthy here…more so than anywhere else I’ve been.
8. The country has a lil’ scenic sump’n for everyone: mountains, ocean, dessert, big cities, OLD cities, modern architecture, and frankly, it’s down right biblical!
7. To float in the Dead Sea
6. To enjoy the gorgeous 21C weather during the November evenings
5. The people are warm and ebullient like the Italians.
4. The dancers are fluent in English the way the Swedes are
3. The students are fantastic at focusing and they relentlessly practice the material
2. There is free, open wifi just about everywhere!!!!!
1. The organizers put a lot of thought, effort and heart into every last detail of how the instructors are treated.

Dance Tel Aviv, thank you for having Kevin and me, for putting us up in a gorgeous apartment, and taking such wonderful care of us. The pictures I’ve posted on FB (and soon to be here) are dedicated to you.


6 thoughts on “10 Reasons to come and teach in Israel

  1. Gayle cohen says:

    Dear Jo,
    My name is Gayle, for the last 2 years I’ve been dancing Lindy in DTA my good friend Anat Z.K took me there for the first time and she also told me a lot a bout you guys,
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t take a part this time but it’s still very important for me to let you know- everyone really enjoyed your workshops and were happy by your visit!
    so even that I’ve never met you I want you to know your words here a bout TA really moved me! Thank you so much!
    Hope I’ll have the chance to study with you guys next time!
    Shalom from Israel,

  2. Alon Pe'er says:

    Thanks so much for coming! It was a pleasure attending your classes and watching you dance.
    Come back again soon!!

  3. Rayut says:

    This weekend was amazing! Thank you so much for this opportunity, you taught me so much and really changed the way I think about Lindy Hop. It was a wonderful experience. Thank you!

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