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German Vogue’s 2011 Swarovski Zodiac Calendar

December 22, 2011 by Jo

Oh my my, I quite fancy June, July, November, and December! What catches your eye?


January – Capricorn

Mini dress by Sonia Rykiel and overknees by Kaviar Gauche.

Swarovski: Fashion Bracelets & Mushroom Ring

February: Aquarius

Short Couture dress by Blessed & Cursed,
jewelry by Philippe Ferrandis made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

March: Pisces

Bikini-Top by Jolidon, jewelry on head by Rodrigo Otazu,

necklace by Philippe Ferrandis and hairband on neck by Kilian Kerner made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

April: Aries

Jewelry by Dyrberg/Kern and evening dress by Talbot Runhof made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

May: Taurus

High Heels and “Dragon Overall” by Michael Michalsky made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

June: Gemini

“Robot Dress” by Kaviar Gauche w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS,
Necklace: Miko Jewelry “Metal Casquette 1920ies” by Helmut Newton (Swarovski Corporate Archive)

July: Cancer

Crown by Alberto Rodriguez and silk dress by Charlotte Sparre w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Swarovski: Silver Screen Oval Bangle & Rainbow True Ring

August: Leo

Dress by Blumarine and pumps by Luis Onofre w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.
Bracelet by Rodrigo Otazu and necklaces by Dryberg/Kern w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

September: Virgo

“Armour Dress” & panties by Kilian Kerner, bangle by Rodrigo Otazu w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Swarovski: ORQUIDEA Opulent Bracelet & MUSHROOM Ring

October: Libra

October: Dress by Blumarine and high heels by Michael Michalsky made w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Necklace by Rodrigo Otazu for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS & Jewelry by SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™

November: Scorpio

Dress by Givenchy for “22 Ways to Say Black” bracelet by Rodrigo Otazu w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Swarovski Elements: Klimt Ring & Rainbow True Ring

December: Sagittarius

Head Piece by Erickson Beamon for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
“Pixie Dress” by Kilian Kerner made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
images via Swarovski Crystallized and Style Amor


  1. oooh, I’ll take February and July!

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