German Vogue’s 2011 Swarovski Zodiac Calendar

Oh my my, I quite fancy June, July, November, and December! What catches your eye?


January – Capricorn

Mini dress by Sonia Rykiel and overknees by Kaviar Gauche.

Swarovski: Fashion Bracelets & Mushroom Ring

February: Aquarius

Short Couture dress by Blessed & Cursed,
jewelry by Philippe Ferrandis made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

March: Pisces

Bikini-Top by Jolidon, jewelry on head by Rodrigo Otazu,

necklace by Philippe Ferrandis and hairband on neck by Kilian Kerner made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

April: Aries

Jewelry by Dyrberg/Kern and evening dress by Talbot Runhof made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

May: Taurus

High Heels and “Dragon Overall” by Michael Michalsky made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

June: Gemini

“Robot Dress” by Kaviar Gauche w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS,
Necklace: Miko Jewelry “Metal Casquette 1920ies” by Helmut Newton (Swarovski Corporate Archive)

July: Cancer

Crown by Alberto Rodriguez and silk dress by Charlotte Sparre w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Swarovski: Silver Screen Oval Bangle & Rainbow True Ring

August: Leo

Dress by Blumarine and pumps by Luis Onofre w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.
Bracelet by Rodrigo Otazu and necklaces by Dryberg/Kern w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

September: Virgo

“Armour Dress” & panties by Kilian Kerner, bangle by Rodrigo Otazu w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

Swarovski: ORQUIDEA Opulent Bracelet & MUSHROOM Ring

October: Libra

October: Dress by Blumarine and high heels by Michael Michalsky made w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Necklace by Rodrigo Otazu for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS & Jewelry by SWAROVSKI CRYSTALLIZED™

November: Scorpio

Dress by Givenchy for “22 Ways to Say Black” bracelet by Rodrigo Otazu w/ SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
Swarovski Elements: Klimt Ring & Rainbow True Ring

December: Sagittarius

Head Piece by Erickson Beamon for SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS
“Pixie Dress” by Kilian Kerner made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

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