German Vogue’s 2012 Swarovski Zodiac Calendar

Ridiculously inspiring and amazing! If there are any benefactors out there, I think I could rock March, May, July, and September. Hahaha, well….I’ll certainly try 😀

Stretch bracelets available at

January – Capricorn

February: Aquarius

All jewelry available at

March: Pisces

Ring by Philippe Ferrandis, available at

April: Aries

May: Taurus

June: Gemini

July: Cancer

Necklace, bracelet (left and right) and star-shaped ring by Rodrigo Otazu, available at

August: Leo

September: Virgo

October: Libra

Ring – Crystal Evolution by R. Bella, available at

November: Scorpio

Ring – Crystal Evolution by R. Bella, available at

images via Swarovski and StyleAmor

December – Sagittarius

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