Day 6 – Edgy French Braid Ponytail

Yes, yes, yes!! This is how you do a hair tutorial!

I’m going to wear my hair like this this week. I’ll post pictures when I do.

Oh yeah, in case you guys try these tutorials and take pictures, I’m happy to post them if you send them, OR I’m just happy to check our your hard work! Email them to johoffberg @ gmail . com if you’d like.

2 thoughts on “Day 6 – Edgy French Braid Ponytail

  1. Tess says:

    YesYesYES! I loved this one- it was perfect for my inescapably thick and unruly curly hair, once I worked a bit of pomade into the mix. And, It held up all night at a sweaty dance!
    I combined it with the sock bun, since my shortish hair makes for a very silly ponytail. Here are a couple pics:,30JcJ#1

    Thanks for posting these- I have had way too much fun.

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