My Silhouette on Etsy

Have you ever wanted to have an instructor right where they belong – around your neck?! Do you need an amulet to remind you to lead your rock steps, triples, and weight changes? If so, here’s your chance to get a piece of us to wear forever!!!

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In case you haven’t seen the silhouette, here is the original picture:

Yes, the necklace has the image flipped around and our connected arms seem to be higher than in this picture. I’m not sure why, but there you have it. 😀

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Vintage Clothing for Kids

Oh ma-goodness. Why weren’t there clothes like this when I was a kid?!!! Good on you Teeny Bunny for making these darling clothes! Thank goodness I know someone who is an appropriate size and age for these clothes…..I wonder what Anjali is going to get for Christmas this year?

Send this to all the people you know that have darling kids that are in dire need of some vintage gear!

yellow dress blue cloche mustache dress light blue navy dress flapper set

My Birthday!

Today has been a long day. So far I’ve taught two classes – One Swing, One World and an aerials class – and done a tech rehearsal for tonight’s show. I now need to shower, eat dinner, do my hair and makeup, and then get ready to perform!!

Wish me luck!



Oh yeah, and if’ you’re feeling overly generous, you can buy me something by either going here or clicking on a picture of something below:

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