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  1. Hair Bow

    March 30, 2012 by Jo

    I’ve been wearing mine!!! Have you?

    View from the top:

    Yes, it’s kinda messy, but I had been dancing all night in it!!!

    Want to learn how to do this? Check it out here or here!!!



  2. Februhairy 2012 Review

    March 10, 2012 by Jo

    What a month of hair!! Thank you to all of the people the checked in daily and for the sweet note you sent me.

    Here’s a recap of all the things you saw during this past month!


    Day 1 – Sock Bun 
    Day 2 – Front Swirl (a favorite!!)
    Day 3 – Marilyn Curls 
    Day 4 - Faux Pin Up Bangs
    Day 5 – French Twist
    Day 6 – Edgy French Braid 
    Day 7 – Victory Bun 


    Day 8 – Rihanna Inspired 
    Day 9 - Alternative Braid 
    Day 10 - Pin Curl Updo
    Day 11 - Mermaid Tail Braid
    Day 12 – Quick Twist 
    Day 13 – 1940s Pin Up
    Day 14 – Fun Bun


    Day 15 – Pin Up Bandana - accessory
    Day 16 - Victory Rolls (this is a favorite!)
    Day 17 - Sponge Rollers  
    Day 18 – Vintage Vixon
    Day 19 – Twist and Pin
    Day 20 - Color Bug hair color
    Day 21 – Elegant Fauxhawk


    Day 22 – Scarf Wrap Tutorial - accessory
    Day 23 – Fishtail Braid
    Day 24 – Roll it Up!
    Day 25 – 1940s Reverse Roll Hairstyle 
    Day 26 – Not Your Average Ponytail 
    Day 27 – Mohawk Monday!
    Day 28 – Milkmaid Braids

    Day 29 – Five Strand Braid

  3. Day 29 – Five Strand Braid

    February 29, 2012 by Jo

    The other week I was in Las Vegas with some friends and Alicia Vance was kind enough to do my hair. Check it out!

    Freaking amazing, right?!

    Check out more of her stuff on or email her at to set up an appointment to look fantastic!!

  4. Day 28 – Milk Maid Braids

    February 28, 2012 by Jo

    Haha, I’ve seen these all over the place, but honestly, I’ve never been interested in wearing my hair this way. Until now. :D

    I don’t know how often I’ll wear my hair like this, but it’s fun, easy and quick to do.

    One more day of hair to go!!! Which are your favorite days of Februhairy?

  5. Day 27 – Mohawk Monday!!

    February 27, 2012 by Jo

    I declare that it is Mohawk Monday!! I am rocking one today. How about you?

    I love them and think everyone should wear one at least once. Here are my favorite mohawk/fauxhawk tutorials:

    Elegant (from Day 21), which is great for medium/long hair.

    Great for shorter hair:

    Great if you have 30 minutes and a friend:

    Yes, this looks rather time consuming, but it’s so pretty! I’m guessing if you have thinner hair, you could instead just make little buns/pin curls up the back and then curl the top to get a similar effect. What do you think?

    The original inspiration:

    Which one is your favorite?

  6. Day 26 – Knot Your Average Pony

    February 26, 2012 by Jo

    Yes I am sampling heavily from The Beauty Department, but they have so much great stuff!! Just check out this spiffy way of spicy up your pony tail.

    photo: angela+ithyle/ post designed by kristin ess

    Some days you just don’t wanna. For those days, we made you this! Seems like we’ve been seeing pictures of this lovely look everywhere. It’s definitely an easy, gorgeous spring/summer ‘do. Here’s how to get this very uncomplicated knotted ponytail:


    -light holding styling mousse
    -small clear elastic
    -large bobbypin


    1) Apply a light holding styling mousse all over from roots to ends for texture and seperation. Hair can be damp or dry. (If it’s dry, be sure it’s a light holding mousse or you could end up with a strong holding mess.)

    2) Separate the hair over your shoulder into two pieces. The piece from the back should come forward and down (see photo).

    3,4) Using your girl scout skills, tie hair into a simple knot.

    5.) Secure the two ends together using a clear elastic. Once it’s in there, slide it up underneath the knot to conceal it.

    6) I like to throw a bobby pin in there for extra security.

    7) Back comb the ponytail a little for texture and then comb through it with your fingers to settle it.

    Tip: Once the steps are complete, tug on it and mess it up a bit. This look is better when it’s a little disheveled!


  7. Day 25 – 1940′s Reverse Rolls Hairstyle

    February 25, 2012 by Jo

    If you have short hair, then this is the 1940′s Reverse Rolls Hairstyle tutorial for you!

    See the following tutorials for styles utilizing this type of roll:

    My first Victory Roll tutorial:

    Pearl Frush Inspired Victory Roll Pin Up Style:

    Up-do with Victory Rolls:

    Layrite Products available here or at the Hawleywoods website:

    The Ray Collins Hot Club-Bechstein Stomp


  8. Day 24 – Roll it Up

    February 24, 2012 by Jo

    This video is on the long side, but I love what Cherry Dollface looks like and I want to remember this hairstyle. What do you think?

    If you want to follow her, here is her information:

    I’ll be honest, I still haven’t bought into prepping my hair, curling it, and using products, but over the last month, clearly most of these gals prep, tease, curl, and use product and the results are solid. I find that when I haven’t washed my hair in a while, or if I’ve been keeping my hair in pin curls, I don’t tend to need product anyways. Anyone else in the same boat?

    This also reminds me that I need to find a great colorist here in San Francisco. I know there are lots of them, but who is going to be my go-to-gal? Any suggestions? He/She needs to have already colored hair like mine….I’d prefer not to train another one.


  9. Day 23 – Fishtail Braid

    February 23, 2012 by Jo

    Another great hair tip from The Beauty Department! You know what, this actually makes me feel like I could do this. For some reason, I’ve been under the impression that a fishtail braid was harder than the rest. Silly me!

    The hardest thing about doing a fishtail braid on yourself is getting it started. In this video, I’m giving you one of my favorite secret tricks… start with a clear elastic then cut it out at the end. By starting with a clear elastic at the top, you never have to worry about holding 4 confusing pieces together to get your braid going. You can just go straight into it!

    Tools: 2 clear elastics, scissors, patience.


    For a smoother braid, brush your hair out first. For a messier braid, leave the natural texture and separate the hair with your fingers.
    Create a ponytail using a clear elastic.
    Split the ponytail into two separate pieces.
    Take a piece from the first side and pass it to the 2nd side.
    Next take a piece from the 2nd side and pass it back to the 1st side.
    Once you’ve finished your braid, go in with your scissors and CAREFULLY cut the clear elastic at the top.
    Optional: gently pull on the pieces to loosen it up if you wish!
    When you’re fishtail braiding, don’t think too hard! You’re simply making X’s. Also, remember that when you take the little piece from one side and pass it to the other side, you don’t need to keep track of it.



  10. Day 22 – Scarf Wrap Tutorial

    February 22, 2012 by Jo

    You have two minutes? Well good! That means you can learn how to wrap a scarf around you head and still look awesome!

    Boom! I’m all over this.

    And here are two more for funsies!

    This takes longer, but again, you just watch and learn.