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Jo Hoffberg Lindy Hop Styling DVD
We’ve put together an extensive 5-part Foundation Series for Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Fast Dancing, and Counterbalance. Of course, each video is a fabulous solo performer, but together they shine as a brilliant ensemble!

Whether you’re just arrived on the dance floor, or recently danced past all the challenges of your local classes — WE have something for YOU!

Our videos are also excellent material for lindy hop teachers as well! With step-by-step instruction, you’ll learn the secrets to build technique into similar movement styles, inspire new class ideas all while improving your own, personal dancing.

Get that clear, humorous instruction you’ve been dreaming about! We’ll glide you through solo exercises to improve your personal body awareness, go deep-dive into frame and partner connection, hold your hand through partnered exercises, and have you dancing to the amazing Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five in no time!

Kevin & Jo Lindy Hop Fundamentals DVD

Kevin & Jo Charleston - Moves and Technique DVD

Kevin & Jo Lindy Hop - Fast Dancing DVD

Kevin & Jo Lindy Hop - Spinning Turning DVD

Kevin & Jo Lindy Hop Counter Balance DVD


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