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10-Week Jack and Jill Program

Let’s be real: Jack & Jills can be stressful (yes, even for me). Understanding the musical structure of songs, some judging guidelines, and the how to read the floor can help you come to these competitions with more calm, focus, clarity, and joy.

A social dance competition is where the magic happens in our Lindy Hop. We will develop more consistent methods for you to feel confident about your performance with your partner–no matter what the outcome.

While you don’t need a specific partner for this program, you will need to find a person or multiple people to dance with you for your social dance homework. This way, you can put ideas into practice and receive the greatest benefit of this course.

This program is recommend two months before a competition, or for anyone looking to build their competition and performance confidence (whether or not there is a competition deadline).


  • Better understand of musical structure so you can nail your spotlights.
  • Know when and how to use flash to create a dynamic performance that fits the music.
  • Have routines and practice chunks designed to create a calm and creative head space before you hit the competition floor.
  • Have strategies for when you draw a blank.
  • Learn how to show off your partner and create those “magic moments.”
  • Know what to do if the music is too fast or unfamiliar.
  • Learn how to deal with your nerves
  • Have clarity about what judges are looking for and how to use the unspoken rules of Jack and Jill competitions to your advantage
  • Have ideas for how to compete well with a partner who is above or below your level.
  • Learn to create your own training schedule.

PROFILE: Individuals who have danced 2 – 5 years and want to up-level their dancing, break into competitions, set and achieve their dance goals and build their confidence through mentorship.

Interested? Contact me and let’s get started!

Jo’s Competition Mentorship Programs

How do you practice for competition? What are judges looking for? What style and clarity can you bring to the dance floor? If you’re asking yourself these questions, you’re in the right place. In my own dance career, I had incredible mentors to support me as I entered the competition world and built my dance career. Through these programs, I aim to pass on the wisdom I’ve acquired to the next generation of dancers. Bring you’re best, and I guarantee I’ll do the same. Let’s get started!

The Importance of Mentors

I found my first mentor in Japan in 2003 – a singer and dedicated artist who was committed to creating a life doing what she loved. Without her, I wouldn’t have considered dance as anything more than a hobby and started taking dance more seriously. When I returned from the United States, I took dance classes every day and acted on every opportunity I had to teach, perform, and compete. I wasn’t certain about where it was all going or what the end game looked like, I just knew that if I kept dancing, something would happen.

As I was finishing up my university degree, I met Kevin (my current dance partner) in 2007 and his mentorship skyrocketed my dancing and my career. He saw potential in me, trained me, helped me better understand how to train myself, role modeled an alternative way of living, and supported me in becoming who I am today. This support–from a person that was a mentor, a partner, and a friend–helped me put my fear to the side and allowed me the courage to keep pushing forward in my career and personal growth.

How I can Help

I want to help the next generation find their unique voice, style, and contribution to our Lindy Hop Community as I believe this is the best way of keeping our dance alive. The idea behind this mentorship program is that you shouldn’t have to re-invent the wheel; instead learn from the “old guards” so that you can stand on the shoulders of giants.

Over the next six months, I will roll out my four Competition Programs to help you be your best self on the dance floor.

  • 6-Week Choreography Challenge (starting in May)
  • 8-Week Strictly Program (starting in June)
  • 9-Week Solo Dance Program (starting in October)
  • 10-Week Jack and Jill Program 


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