4-Week Online Strictly Challenge

Here’s what you need to know!

Who: I am interested in working with seasoned competitors who are training for Savoy Cup (but not limited to) and want to get better at competing through focused training for 4 weeks. I have space for 5 couples.

What: This is a 4-week Challenge.

Every Wednesday, I will send out an email with your weekly challenge details, including the song we will use for that week, and your personal time code (so you know what part of the music you’re dancing to). You’ll have 6 days to films yourself doing a Spotlight (either 8 or 16 eights) and an All-Skate, and send them to me.

Once I get your videos, I’ll stitch them together and send the compilation to our group. From there, you’ll each be required to provide feedback to the other dancers and vote on which couples you thought were the best. You’ll also be voting on who gave the best feedback.

Each week will be a new song, but if you want to do the challenge a second time after receiving the feedback, I will give you comments on the video as a bonus.

– The top couple after 4 weeks will win free passes to the Balkan Lindy Hop Championships.
– The person who gives the best feedback will win a 1-Hr Online Training Session with me.

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When: March 7 – April 7, 2018

I will send you the challenge by Wednesday by 6pm GMT+2 (Berlin Time).

Submissions are due by Monday at 6pm GMT+2 (Berlin Time). You are welcome and encouraged to submit them earlier.

Feedback is due by Thursday at 6pm GMT+2 (Berlin Time). You are welcome and encouraged to do these earlier so that the other dancers may incorporate your feedback for their training sessions.

The Winners will be announce on April 10, 2018.

Why: I am really interested in working with competitors and am interested in challenging them to take their game to the next level. I want to see how you train, see what you see when you watch yourself train, show you how to train your eye so you can troubleshoot more easily, help you get “unstuck,” and provide accountability. I’m not interested in teaching you moves. I’m interested in teaching you how to teach yourself.

And what do I get out of this? Honestly, this is a selfish endeavor. I want to work with seasoned competitors who understand that training and consistency are two of the keys to success. I want to know if I can answer your questions about competition so that you feel confident to train without help. I want to inspire you to get your butt in gear. I want to be challenged by you so that I can become a better coach. But, ultimately, I want you to be better than my generation of dancers. I want the grasshopper to become the sensei.

Cost: 200EUR/couple 


  • Dance Partner
  • Place to train/film your challenges so your full body (arms and feet) can be seen
  • Dropbox – to send a link so I can download the video(s)
  • Weekly Reviews – you and your partner will be required to give feedback to each couple so they know what you liked and what they can improve upon
  • Weekly Feedback – you and your partner will be required to give me feedback about the challenges.
  • Scoring – you and your partner will be required to send me your scores
  • Complete 2 Surveys – An Entrance Survey so I can get to know you and an Exit Survey so I can get feedback on this program. Both you and your partner need to fill these out.

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What if I don’t have a partner?

Then this particular challenge is not for you. I’ll be doing a Solo Comp/Challenge in 2018. If you’re interested in getting on that list, please shoot me an email at whatchaknowjo@gmail.com.

What if I know that one of the weeks my schedule is slammed. Can I get the Challenge early?

I totally understand that schedules can fill up and that life gets busy. I am happy to send you one of the Challenges early; however, if you think that you’ll need more than one, please sign up for a challenge at another time.

Oooh, I see I need to provide feedback to my peers. What happens if I have nothing to say?

Then dig deeper!! This is also part of the program/challenge. Not only are you working on your dancing, but you’re also training your eye on how to better understand what you’re watching AND put it into words. It’s critical to be able to identify what you do/don’t see and what hits/misses the mark. I don’t expect anyone to be perfect, but I do request that you try to put what you see into useful feedback.

Uh! Four weeks! That’s such a long time!

That’s not a question, but I think I hear ya. And no, actually, it’s not a long time. Each assignment is going to take you about an hour (unless you want to put in more). That’s four hours over four weeks, which is probably less time than you spend on FB or Youtube in any given week. Ask any ballet dancer or serious musician how much they practice and you’ll probably get answer ranging from 3-6 hours every day. So make time!

I don’t have enough time in my schedule to do the challenge justice. Should I even bother?

Yes, you should totally bother. We are not looking for perfection, we’re looking for possibilities. If you and your partner can only meet up for 30 minutes, then let’s see what you’re capable of producing in that time. If you are “just social dancing” to the music, that’s cool too. All I request is that you bring your best every week. Put something on the floor, that’s what’s important for this challenge.

Are we allowed to choreograph our spotlights?

Yes, if you have the time and energy to do so, go ahead. Of course, if you were competing at ILHC or Savoy Cup, you wouldn’t have the music for the Strictly ahead of time, but you would know what the musical structure was. If choreographing just isn’t your thing, no problem! I’d recommend filming yourself dancing to your section a few times and submit your best, or most hilarious “out.”

MOTTO: Possibilities, not perfection.

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