920 Open House – Performances

Throughout February and March, Kevin and I created two separate routines for students at Wednesday Night Hop and the 920 Special. The goal of the classes was to perform the routine at 920’s annual Open House, battle for Lindy Hop World Domination, to the cheers and adoration of hundreds of friends, family, visitors, and to inspire our dancing community. For most of the students, this was there first-ever performance. Not only that, but many of them have been dancing less than three years!!

What a fabulous job everyone did on Thursday night! To all the students: Thank you for hanging in there. Thank you for believing in yourself and sticking with you. Thank you for rehearsing and coming prepared. Thank you for your dedication, kind words, for serving as an inspiration to Kevin and me, and for adding to the lindy hop legacy.

Performances (in order of appearance)

The Careless Lindy Hoppers

The song is Viper Mad, by Rhythm Junkies, an amazing jazz band from Seattle!

Kevin & Jo

920 Vipers

Can you believe that these performers are ALL STUDENTS! About half of them have been Lindy Hopping for less than one year, and for most of them this is their FIRST-EVER PERFORMANCE!

The song is Viper Mad, by Rhythm Junkies, an amazing jazz band from Lithuania! http://ohsoswing.com/studio-by-the-rhythm-junkies


Instructors and staff at The 9:20 Special perform a routine choreographed by Stefan Durham and Bethany Powell!

The song is “Swing is the Thing” by The Mills Brothers.




920 Special – See you in February!!

SAN FRANCISCO!!! Woooooo!!! Yup, that’s right! Kevin and I are coming back to San Francisco to teach at the 9:20 Special again and we’re freaking thrilled!!

In case you want to brush up on the material we taught back in September, here’s a friendly reminder!

So what’s next?

Review the material. Come to class. Tell your friends that you’re going to have a great time and that they’d be missing out if they didn’t join you. Aaaaaaand then dai-ance!!!

See you there ๐Ÿ˜€

Residency in San Francisco

For the month of September, Kevin and I will be teaching weekly classes Wednesday and Thursday night in San Francisco!!!!! I’m pretty excited to get to teach locally again; it’s been over two years since I last taught a series.

Here are some of the details:

Wednesday Night Hop
1400 N Shoreline Blvd #A
Mountain View, CA

Every Wednesday night features new lessons & fun dancing at Cheryl Burke Dance in Mountain View. Class includes free admission to the dance party.
Here’s the schedule (prices vary on band nights):
9:15pm to 11:45pm โ€” Swing Dance Party โ€” Only $8 ($6 for 24 & younger)
8:15pm โ€” Level 1 Lindy Hop & Level 3 Lindy Hop โ€” $16 drop-in
7:15pm โ€” Level 2 Lindy Hop & Balboa โ€” $16 drop-in


Thursday at 9:20 Special
2450 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA

Special Extensions
Special Extensions – The Lindy Hop: Kevin & Jo Style!
with Kevin St. Laurent & Jo Hoffberg
(NEW Drop-ins 1st or 2nd week ONLY) Class Details ยป
Level 3 – C
Intermediate+ Lindy Hop Series with Kevin St. Laurent & Jo Hoffberg
(NEW Drop-ins 1st or 2nd week ONLY) Class Details ยป

Register here for classes!!