Hair Tutorial – Day 10 – Hair and Makeup

This girl is cute-as-a-button! I presume the voice on the video is hers, but for me, it doesn’t connect to her face. I like that this video has a makeup tutorial attached to it, the hair portion uses a bandanna, and the whole thing is relatively quick.

Did you see when her boyfriend came in to give her a kiss? How cute!!!

I think this is a keeper for me. How about you? Easy enough?

Hair Tutorial – Day Two – Bandanna

What a surprise, my hair is kinda greasy. I should probably cover that up. But however shall I do that? I know – with a bandanna!!

This girl is totally darling and actually moves through this at a reasonable pace. Don’t let the fact that the video is in Spanish inhibit you. She is super clear on her instructions. 😀

If for some reason you feel like “No!! I have to hear the words describing what I’m supposed to do!!!!” Then you can check this out:

I’d fast forward to about 2:06 if you’re going to watch this. She’s putting her hair in a ponytail, forward bun thing if you get to there.